Platform of Venus


his platform is dedicated to the planet Venus. The Venus Platform is also known as the Tomb of the Chac Mool, as a Chac Mool statue was found interred inside it during excavation.

It is a low platform with a talud-tablero (slope-panel) type of base; there was never a permanent structure built atop it and it was likely used for public addresses or rituals of some sort, such as dance or sacrifice. Like similar structures in the city, its base panels are inscribed with images of Kukulkan and representations of the planet Venus, which is believed to have been of great symbolic importance to the Itzá.

There are 2 different structures with this name at Chichén Itzá. The first and better known is located in the Great Plaza (Plaza of the Castillo). A second Venus Platform is located near the Ossuary.

In its interior, archaeologists discovered a collection of large cones carved out of stone, the purpose of which is unknown.

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